Here are the tools and resources that have personally used to create my online MLM empire. If it’s on this page, it’s a necessity.

1. Infinity Downline – This is a must have if you haven’t earned much or at all in your MLM and any online marketing programs you’re currently a member of. Besides getting 100% INSTANT commissions, you will also become a member of an awesome training community
of top internet marketers and network marketers headed by yours truly.
This is by far the best and quickest way to earn money from the internet to fund your
marketing campaigns. Don’t be stupid and be a part of Infinity Downline Now!

2. Magnetic Sponsoring – Any network marketer who hasn’t read this is bound to fail. This book teaches the concept of attraction marketing. Stop chasing prospects and let them come to you instead. No doubt the most important element to make you successful in this industry.
3. Black Belt Recruiting – If you suck at closing a sale and sponsoring people to join
your business, this is a must have. Black Belt Recruiting will change the way you talk to your prospects. You could become your upline’s mentor once you master the art of recruiting.

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    I am a Network Marketer, a Photographer, a Blogger, a Videographer, a Physicist, a Visual Artist, a Call Center Agent, a Credit Checker, a Debt Collector, a Web Designer, a Father and a Loving Husband. I am just the Network Marketing Rookie who independently sponsored 150 downlines in 3 months and is still constantly growing my own empire.